Austrian Passport Apply Process with Application Form

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Austrian passports are usually issued to the Austrians in order to ease their worries. With the Austrian passport by their side, Austrians are allowed to travel freely to various destinations across the world. Moreover, all the citizens of Austria also happen to be citizens of EU or the European Union.

Hence, a passport is nothing less than a national identity card which permits fee movement as well as residence to Austrians in the European Economic Area besides Switzerland. Furthermore, the visa requirements for the citizens of Austria differ from the rest of the world.

Eligibility for an Austrian passport

  1. Applicants have to be citizens of Austria
  2. When applying for an adult passport, the age of the applicant has to be 18 years or more than that
  3. But when applying for a child Austrian passport, applicant’s age is less than 18 years

Documents required for an Austrian passport

  1. Filled passport application form
  2. An affidavit for both adults & the minors
  3. 1 photo without the official seal
  4. Birth certificate
  5. Certificate of citizenship
  6. Alien registration / green card
  7. Marriage certificate (applicable only to a few applicants)
  8. Divorce decree (again valid in a few cases)
  9. Proof of academic degree (applicable only to a few applicants again)
  10. A set of photo copies of the above documents
  11. Applicants will have to submit all the documents in original as well
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Documents required for a child’s passport

For a child’s passport, the applicants will have to attach the following documents as well –

  1. Parental consent
  2. Not only marriage but also the birth certificate of the parents

Steps to apply for a child / adult Austrian passport

  1. Applicants will have to first get the passport application form either from the post office or they may download from the official website
  2. Next fill the passport application form with the right details
  3. Attach the documents specified in the instructions page
  4. Do not forget to attach 2 photographs
  5. Before submitting the application form along with the documents, pay the passport fee
  6. Applicant can pay the fee either through a debit or a credit card or in cash
  7. One will receive an acknowledgement once they submit the application form
  8. On this acknowledgement, there will be a passport application number
  9. You can use this application number for future reference or can even track the application

Austrian passport fee

  1. For a new passport, you will have to pay USD 85. 00
  2. Whereas for a child’s passport (that is for the children under 12 years), the fee is USD 34. 00
  3. And if there is any sort of change in the passport is to be done then the fee is USD 33. 00

Processing time for a new Austrian passport

Generally, it takes about 4 weeks to get a new passport issued. The reason is that to get the Austrian passport issued, the documents submitted are to be verified.

Download Austrian passport application forms

  1. To download the passport application form, one can click on the following link –
  2. To download the application for a child passport, click on the link mentioned here –
  3. For the affidavit of adults form, click on –
  4. For the affidavit of a minor, click on the link mentioned below –

In addition to this, for any clarification or more information, one may click on the link given here –

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