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Steps to Renew Australian Passport Online

As we understand the importance of a passport, we also have to make a note of the fact that the Australian passport has to be renewed every now & then. In other words, you will have to renew your passport whenever the Australian passport expires. Keep scrolling the page to know more about the renewal […]

Documents, Photos & Fees Required for an Australian Passport

For a passport application to be completed, there are a set of rules to be followed & to make things easy for the readers or the applicants, we have listed out the do’s & don’ts regarding the documents / photos / fees for an Australian passport. Australian citizenship Applicant born before 20th August, 1986 then […]

Australian Passport Application Forms List

The forms which are required for the passport applications keep getting updated every now & then. So, it is advised to all that they better have an idea about which form will be used for which kind of a passport. Another thing is that you can keep checking once in a while to know more […]

Steps to Apply for an Australian Children’s Passport

As per the Australian Passports Act of 2005, a child is the one who is below 18 years of age & who has never been married. Furthermore, a child’s name can never be included in the parent’s passport or an adult’s passport. Hence, even if the children, let them be babies or any child up […]

Steps to Apply for an Australian Passport with Application Form

Australian passport is a document that must be carried with you all the while but especially when you travel. However, if you still have not applied for a passport then it would be better if you apply for a passport at the earliest. Follow the simple explanation given in this article to know more on […]

Steps to Track Australian Passport Application

Passport is an important document & now the people who have applied for an Australian passport can without any trouble track their passport. All you will require is follow the simple steps mentioned in this article to get to know the procedure for tracking your Australian passport application in a very short time. With this […]

Australian Passport Offices List

Passport is a significant document that the citizens of Australia should have. However, one point that has to be noted is that your passport application has to be lodged in person if you wish to get a passport. Hence, to assist you further with the process of applying for an Australian passport, we have put […]

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