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United Kingdom’s Passport Offices List

Passport is an essential document that everyone should have. Thus, whenever you are applying for either a new passport or renew or update passport or cancel a passport among other things, there would be a requirement to know the exact place as to where is the passport office in the city or some locality. Therefore, […]

Steps to Renew or Update UK Passport Online

Before we start, readers, it is better if you know that with the days passing by, technology is improving every day. Hence now everyone will be able to apply for a passport online. In addition to this, you can even renew or update your existing UK passport & even pay the British’s passport fee online. […]

Steps to Change Name & Other Details in a UK Passport

Steps to change name in a UK passport When you have some minor changes in the passport issued to you then additional documents are to be sent if you change your name’s spelling / add either forenames or middle names / change order of forenames. Applicants have to send one of the following documents as […]

Steps to Get a UK Tatkal Passport in Simple Ways

There are various methods through which you can get a UK passport with a fast track service or some other services with that will get the passport to you in a very short time. Premium or fast track service Now individuals will be able to get a passport in either a day or a week […]

Steps to Apply & Get a UK Passport for a Child

Requirements to get child passport In order to get a child passport, child has to be under 16 years & either a British citizen or a British overseas citizen or a British overseas territories citizen. Who can apply for a UK passport? Parents can apply for a child passport if their child is less than […]

Steps to Track UK Passport Application Status

One can track the passport application very easily if you have used the recently updated online passport application service. All you will be required to do is follow the steps mentioned below to track the British passport application form. Method 1 to track the UK passport application form The tracking option mentioned above (tracking system […]

British Passport Fees, Photos & Required Documents

Read this article to know more about the British passport fees, documents required & the photos. This would only prepare you when you are applying for a UK passport. What is the fee for the British passport? If you are looking for a standard 32 page passport then the fee when applying for a British […]

UK Passport Application Form, Steps to Apply British Passport

Passport as we know is the basic thing that is required if you wish to travel abroad. And now you can without any difficulty apply for a British passport; provided you follow the rules. Thus, to help you out here, we have put together complete list of the procedure for a passport. In this article, […]

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