Ecuadorian Passport Renewal Process with Application Form

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The citizens of Ecuador can get their passport renewed at any of the passport offices when they are in Ecuador or head to the Ecuadorian embassy when they are abroad. In this article, get to know how to renew your passport in simple steps.

Who is eligible to renew an Ecuadorian passport?

It is quite an easy task to get an Ecuadorian passport renewed if you are a citizen of Ecuador. And one can apply for a renewal of the Ecuadorian passport only when they have the Ecuadorian passport already issued. In addition to this, the renewal of the passport is done based on the age of the applicant.

18 years or more than that age applicants will have to renew their passport in the adult group while the rest of them will have to opt for the child passport.

Documents required to get an Ecuadorian passport renewed

  1. Current or the recently issued passport
  2. Proof of identity
  3. Birth certificate
  4. Marriage certificate (applicable to only a few applicants)
  5. Fee receipt


To get the passport renewed, the applicant must go to the passport office with original documents’ proof given above.

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Steps to renew an Ecuadorian passport

  1. Go to the passport issuing authority’s official website
  2. Take the passport renewal application form from the website
  3. Fill the form & make sure that you do not make mistakes
  4. Next step would be to attach the documents that have also been given in this article
  5. Later, pay the required fee with the help of a credit or a debit card
  6. Submit the application form as well as the documents in – person at the passport office
  7. Documents should be accompanied with the fee receipt
  8. When the applicant goes to the passport office, the applicant has to give the bio – metric data
  9. The data that comes up as the bio – metric data is signature / finger prints / photograph

Fee to renew an Ecuadorian passport

  1. $ 70. 00 USD is the passport fee
  2. And the elderly people get 50 % exemption on the fee
  3. Whereas the people with disability do not have to pay any amount to renew a passport

What is the validity of an Ecuadorian passport?

Essentially, an Ecuadorian passport is valid for 6 years.

Ecuadorian passport renewal application processing time

To get the Ecuadorian passport renewed, you will have to wait for about 15 to 20 working days. In addition to this, you will have to see to it that the passport renewal application form is filled completely.

The applicant will also have to go to the passport office to not only apply but also to collect the passport once it is renewed.

Official passport website links

One may click on the link mentioned below to clear their doubts or get some more information as far as the Ecuadorian passport renewal application process is concerned –

Latest Ecuadorian Passport Apply Process

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