Malaysian Passport Apply Process with Application Form

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The Immigration Department of Malaysia or the Jabatan Imigresen Malaysia is the authority which issues the Malaysian passports. And in this article we have very clearly stated on how to apply for a Malaysian passport & the documents required apart from the fee. Read on to know more.

Eligibility to get a Malaysian passport child / adult

Following rules are applicable for an applicant who is 18 years or above –

  1. Must be a citizen of Malaysia
  2. Birth certificate
  3. Recent passport photograph is required

If the applicant is below 18 years old then the above stated rules apply as well.

Where should I apply for a Malaysian passport?

  1. Citizens of Malaysia can apply for a Malaysian passport at the Immigration office when they are in Malaysia
  2. However, if they are in some other country & have to apply for a Malaysian passport then they can go ahead & approach the Malaysian Representative Offices located in different countries
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List of the documents required to be submitted when applying for a Malaysian passport

  1. Proof of identity that is MyKad
  2. And if the applicant does not have MyKad, then they can submit a temporary identification certificate which is either JPN.KPPK 09 or 11
  3. Birth certificate is mandatory for the people who submit their temporary identification certificate
  4. 2 photographs that too which have a light blue background

Documents required for a child’s Malaysian passport application form

  1. For a child’s application form, parent’s identification card is necessary
  2. The parent whose identification card is being submitted has to appear in – person along with the applicant when they attend the passport appointment
  3. Birth certificate
  4. Identification card that is MyKad

Fee for a Malaysian passport

  1. For the applicants who fall in the age bracket of 13 years to 59 years, they have to pay RM 200 as the passport fee
  2. While the senior citizens have to pay RM 100 as the passport fee
  3. And if the applicant is 12 years old or less than that then the passport fee is RM 100

How to pay the Malaysian passport fee?

Applicants can pay the Malaysian passport fee through any of the following methods –

  1. Applicants can either pay the Malaysian passport fee in cash / credit card / through the postal order.

Procedure to apply for the 1st time applicants of the Malaysian passport

  1. First of all you will have to get the passport application form
  2. One can get the passport application form at either the Immigration Office or you may very well download the passport application form from the official website that is the Jabatan Imigresen Malaysia (print on both sides of the paper)
  3. Fill the form very carefully as the details written here will be the final word from the applicant as in they are the correct details
  4. Do not forget to sign the passport application form along with the date
  5. Next attach the documents that have been listed in this article above
  6. Applicant has to then pay the fee either in cash or through the credit card or through the postal order
  7. Submit the form either at the Immigration Office or the Malaysian Representative Office


  1. The applicants who will be applying for the very 1st time for a Malaysian passport have to apply for it in – person
  2. Moreover, those applicants who will go to the Immigration office in person are not required to take along the photographs with them
  3. However, the applicants who are less than 4 years old will be required to submit their photographs as well
  4. And see to it that the passport application form is filled with the right details

Processing time for a Malaysian passport

Generally it takes hardly an hour before the passport is issued to the applicants.

Download the Malaysian passport application form

To download the Malaysian passport application form, you will have to click on the following link –


For more information or further clarification, you may also click on the following link –

Malaysian Passport Renewal Process

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