Privacy Policy

Sponsored Links: is a website that is operated by & this page has been uploaded in order to let the readers understand the policies followed by Online Passport Info. Furthermore, from now on specifically for this article, will be addressed as “we” or “us” or “our”.

In the Privacy Policy page, we have clearly stated the policies regarding the collection as well as the use of Personal Information that is received by the site (from the users). Readers have to also understand that the Personal Information received by this site are used exclusively to improve the standards of the site.

Another point to be noted is that when you use this site, you also agree to not only the collection but also the use of information given by the users.

What is the information collected by

The Personal information that is generally asked to the reader when they read the pages in the site is Name & E – mail address.

Log Data

In addition to this, we collect the information that an individual’s browser sends whenever you visit this site & this information is called Log Data.

The Log Data that is generally used is computer’s IP or the Internet Protocol address / browser type & version / pages checked & the time spent on the pages that were checked. Apart from this even the date & the time of the visit is recorded.

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