Steps to Apply & Get a UK Passport for a Child

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Requirements to get child passport

In order to get a child passport, child has to be under 16 years & either a British citizen or a British overseas citizen or a British overseas territories citizen.

Who can apply for a UK passport?

Parents can apply for a child passport if their child is less than 16 years old & if you are legally entitled to the parental responsibility.

Cost of a British child passport

When you apply for a child passport online, you will be required to pay £ 46 however, when applying through the Post Office passport check & send service, then the charges are £ 55 .75.

Apply for a child’s 1st UK passport

When applying for a child’s UK passport, as parents you can apply in 3 methods. Select any one method from the methods listed below –

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Method 1 – Apply online for a child’s UK passport

  1. To apply for a child’s UK passport, you will have to click on the following link –
  2. Click on start now tab
  3. Applicants will then be directed to another page, from here you will be able to apply for a British passport online
  4. To start the application process, you will have to first fill the application form & check the details
  5. Next pay as well as take a print – out of the declaration form
  6. Finally sign & post the declaration form to the concerned authority
  7. However, to apply for a child UK passport, you will require credit or a debit card / printer
  8. Once you are clear with the procedure of applying for a British passport for your child, you may click on the tab that reads Start an application
  9. And from here you will again be directed to another page where you have to answer a few simple questions
  10. Fill the form & submit it

Method 2 – to apply for a child’s UK passport

Individuals may also go ahead & apply for their child’s British passport. For this process to be completed, you will have to go to the Post office as the post office has the facility of Passport check & send service.

Method 3 – to apply for a child’s British passport

Furthermore, there is another way through which you can get a British passport for your child. And for this, you will have to contact the Passport Advice line which will in turn post a form to the address given.

Passport Advice line contact numbers

Telephone – 0300 222 0000 / Text phone – 0300 222 0222 / Text Relay – 18001 0300 222 0000 / Monday to Friday, from 8 a. m. to 8 p. m & on Saturday / Sunday / public holidays from 9 a. m. to 5: 30 p. m.

Once you have applied for a British passport, it will take about 3 weeks to get a passport. Hence, it is advised to the applicants that they should not book any tickets till the time they have the passport in hand.

Documents required for a British child passport

  1. Child’s identity evidence
  2. An evidence to prove that the child is eligible for a British passport
  3. Original documents are to be sent
  4. All documents would be returned to you once the procedure is over
  5. For secure delivery of the documents, you may shell another £ 3


Photos must be recent ones & you will have to give 2 photographs. Moreover, countersign the photo as well; this should be done by the 3rd person.

Signatures on the passport application form

The child’s passport application form has to be signed only by an adult who has the parental responsibility for the kid / even your child may sign if he is 12 to 15 years old / any other person who is able to confirm that the said adult has the so called parental responsibility (counter sign).

If at all, your kid cannot sign that a covering letter has to be included explaining the reasons & submitted along with the application form.

Send application form

Online passport application

When applied for a UK passport online for your child, you will have to send them to the address mentioned on the form. The form is to be accompanied by the supporting documents & photos.

Paper application for a child’s passport

Post the form to HMPO or Her Majesty’s Passport Office along with the documents & photos. Also attach the passport that has been given to the child. These documents should be sent in the pre – addressed envelope. If you did not apply online for a passport, then use the Passport check & send service.

UK Passport Status Tracking Procedure

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