Steps to Apply for a New Irish Passport with Application Form

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When you wish to apply for an Irish passport, you will have to answer a few questions at the official website. The simple reason for this is that the answers to these questions will determine as to which passport you will be applicable to & what will be the passport application procedure.

To know more about the application procedure for a new Irish passport, you will have to read this article as we have pretty clearly explained the complete process. Keep reading to understand the application process.

Steps to apply for a new Irish passport

  1. First of all to apply for a new Irish passport, you will have to go to the official website of the Department of Foreign Affairs, Ireland
  2. To visit this website, you may click on the following link –
  3. At the page which you will be directed to, you will have to answer a few questions
  4. And to answer them, you may very well select from the options given or type the answers
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List of questions asked on the website

In the 1st step, the following queries will greet you –

  1. Where are you?
  2. Passport type
  3. Date of birth in the dd / mm / yyyy format
  4. Next select the citizenship status that is either you were born in Ireland or somewhere else
  5. Click on yes or no as to when will you most probably travel – is it within 10 working days or after that
  6. Finally click on the tab that reads ‘go’

Further steps to be followed

  1. You will be next directed to another page which will let you know as to what steps are to be followed
  2. You will also get to know as to where you can get the form
  3. One will also get to understand as to who can & how will be or what will be the witnesses work
  4. Even the documents required for that particular form will be listed out
  5. And lastly you will get to know the application fees & where to submit the form
  6. Keep it in mind that at the end of the page, you will find a tab that reads ‘next’
  7. Individuals will be required to click on this tab to be directed to the following page

Readers, once you have filled the form which is generally either APS 1E or APS 2E, you can go ahead & submit the form at any of the passport offices in Ireland. Usually the forms are to be submitted at either the Dublin or the Cork passport office, Ireland.

You will have to select the appropriate form & fill in the details asked there. The details that are asked are usually the personal details. The form is pretty simple to be filled & there would be no confusion as to how to fill the form.

Passport Application Form

Click the link to download Form

Therefore, it is advised to the readers or the – would be applicants that they must keep the fact in mind that the steps which have been given above are followed to get the Irish passport at the earliest.

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Updated: September 23, 2016 — 10:55 am

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