Steps to Change Name & Other Details in a UK Passport

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Steps to change name in a UK passport

When you have some minor changes in the passport issued to you then additional documents are to be sent if you change your name’s spelling / add either forenames or middle names / change order of forenames. Applicants have to send one of the following documents as well –

  1. Driving license
  2. Letter from either a government department or a local council
  3. Bank statement
  4. Either baptismal or a confirmation certificate

When you are entering civil partnership or getting married, follow these steps –

One can change the name in the passport 3 months before the wedding. And this would mean that you cannot use this passport till the wedding ceremony as the passport issued is generally post – dated. To apply for this passport, a form named passports for newly – weds & civil partners has to be signed by whoever, is going to conduct the ceremony. Send this form with the application form.

After the wedding

In case you wish to apply for a change in name or any other details, you will have to send along the marriage or a civil partnership certificate when you apply for a passport.

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Visa validity in the current passport

Most importantly if you have a valid visa in the current passport, it would no longer be valid from the time you are issued a new passport.

Taking the maiden name

When you plan to get back the maiden name then applicants must attach the following documents as well – birth certificate / decree absolute / signed statement stating that you have taken on the maiden name & a marriage certificate which shows the couples’ names. Finally, you will have to sign the application form in your maiden name.

Titles to be added in a British passport

As an applicant, you can request the authorities to include titles such as doctor / professor / QC / honours / military recognitions / judge / a minister of religion / JP is to be used if you happen to be a magistrate. All these details have to be entered in the other title box.

Name change does not match the official document

If the name change by no chance matches the official documents then one of the following things have to be submitted – change of name deed / enrolled dead poll / affidavit / statutory declaration.

Laminated documents or the original documents are to be forwarded to the authorities when they use their changed names. Examples for these are letter from local council or payslip. Also sign the form in your new name.

Change in the gender

The passport application form is to be accompanied with any 1 of the following documents & remember to sign the form with the new name of yours.

  1. New birth or an adoption certificate (specifying the gender)
  2. Doctor’s or a medical consultant’s letter that confirms the gender change
  3. Dead poll

Change of name by using dead poll

To get the new passport, you will have to send the change of name deed along with your form & keep it in mind to sign the form using the new name.

New British Passport Apply Process 

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Updated: September 26, 2016 — 4:41 am

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