Steps to Get a UK Tatkal Passport in Simple Ways

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There are various methods through which you can get a UK passport with a fast track service or some other services with that will get the passport to you in a very short time.

Premium or fast track service

Now individuals will be able to get a passport in either a day or a week with the all – new 1 day premium service or the 1 week fast track service. To use this service, you will have to be in the United Kingdom only. Furthermore, applicants should first book an appointment at the Passport customer case service center.

1 week fast track service

If 2 photos along with the documents & the application form are submitted then the passport is generally sent to the address mentioned in the form in a week from the appointment. However, bank holidays are excluded. But remember that someone has to be at home to receive the passport.

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How does a 1 day premium service work?

Submission of 2 photos, completed application form & the documents can get you the passport on the day of submission itself. At times you may also receive the passport within 4 hours from the time you had attended the appointment.

In some cases you may also upgrade the passport application process when you have applied for a passport. For this you will have to contact the Passport Advice line.

Passport Advice line –

Telephone – 0300 222 0000 / when outside the United Kingdom – +44 (0)300 222 0000 / Text phone – 18001 0300 222 0222/ Monday to Friday from 8 a. m. to 8 p. m. / on weekends & public holidays from 9 a. m. to 5: 30 p. m.

Types of Passports & the price

The cost given below includes both the fee and the passport you will select –

Passport type 1 – day Premium service 1 – week Fast Track service
Renew standard adult 32 – page passport £ 128 £ 103
Renew adult 48 – page passport £ 137 £ 111
Change name in a standard adult 32 – page passport (with civil partnership or marriage certificate) £ 128 £ 103
Change name for an adult 48 – page passport (with marriage or the civil partnership certificate) £ 137 £  111
Change a standard adult 32 –  page passport Service not available £ 103
Change an adult 48 – page passport Service not available £ 111
Replace a lost, stolen or damaged adult passport Service not available £ 103
First child passport Service not available £ 87
Renew or change a child passport Service not available £ 87
Replace a lost, stolen or damaged child passport Service not available £ 87
Renewal for a British national who was born on or before 2nd September, 1929 £ 55. 50 £ 30. 50

What should I take to the passport appointment?

Following documents are required to be taken when you go to the passport appointment –

  1. 2 passport photos
  2. Completed paper application
  3. Documents

If someone is going to collect your passport, provided you are in the United Kingdom, then following documents are required –

  1. Their ID card such as driving license / passport / utility bill that is not older than 3 months
  2. A letter from you permitting them to collect the passport; this letter should be signed by the applicant
  3. Application’s receipt

How to get application form?

  1. Remember that you can never apply online, hence, you will have to get an application form from the Post office
  2. However, applicants may book appointment online
  3. Pay non – refundable passport fee
  4. Attach the documents / photos & fill the form carefully
  5. Check on – as this link will take you to the official page from where you may book the appointment & pay the fee by card


  1. No refund would be allowed if you do not go to the appointment
  2. But changing the appointment is allowed provided there are 2 days for the appointment
  3. Send someone if you are in the United Kingdom & are unable to make it to the appointment

Steps to book appoint by phone

  1. Call Passport Advice line & make the booking

Can I get a refund?

Getting a refund will happen only under rare circumstances with the claim form. Forward this form to the Passport customer service centre. This centre should be the one where the appointment was scheduled. Also address this form to the customer service manager.

Steps to Apply & Get a UK Passport for a Child

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