Steps to Track your Irish Passport

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Passport, is quite an important document for all of us. And you can track your Irish passport application card in easy steps when you read this article. So, keep scrolling the page to know more.

Track the Irish passport application

  1. The tracking system of the Irish passport applications is applicable only to those applications that have been lodged either through the public counters or the Passport express service
  2. Apart from this, status of those applications which have been submitted via the Irish Embassies in other countries can be checked at the Embassy website itself
  3. One will have to keep the fact in mind that you would require the application number in order to check the status of the passport application form
  4. In addition to this, the information which is available to track the passport is generally updated 2 times on daily basis
  5. This way, you would be able to track your passport application form
  6. Moreover, the information which is updated twice a day at the official site happens to be the up – to – date target turn – around time


Some of the people might be confused as to what is the meaning of the issue date on the passport. However, it is advised to all that they now remember that the issue date on the passport is nothing but a target issue date.

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Furthermore, it does not have anything to do with the guaranteed date. Readers, please see to it that you remember the above stated fact as it will most probably remain unchanged in the future as well.

Steps to track the passport card application in an easy manner

  1. Firstly, you would require the application number if you wish to track your Irish passport application form in simple steps
  2. The above stated application number can be easily found as it is there on the receipt itself
  3. And if you are looking forward to track your passport card application, then you will have to go to the official website of the Department of Foreign Affairs, Ireland
  4. Users will also have to specifically move towards the track your passport card application page
  5. And almost at the end of the page, you will find a box that reads ‘please enter the passport or the passport card application number below’

How to track the Irish passport application form?

  1. One will have to at the first enter the application number in the box
  2. Every applicant will receive the passport card application number when they submit the online application
  3. This application number is a 11 digit number which can be found on the receipt
  4. Hence, to check the current status of the passport, you will have to enter the application number
  5. And then click on view status tab

Points to be made a note of

Readers, you will have to bear it in mind that the tracking system is updated 2 times a day. Therefore, you will be able to track your passport application only after some time that is from the time you have submitted your form.

Finally to check the Irish passport application form, you may click on the following link to be directed to the official site –

Irish Passport Renewal Procedure

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Updated: September 23, 2016 — 11:01 am

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