Steps to Track UK Passport Application Status

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One can track the passport application very easily if you have used the recently updated online passport application service. All you will be required to do is follow the steps mentioned below to track the British passport application form.

Method 1 to track the UK passport application form

The tracking option mentioned above (tracking system when submitted the passport application form online) can be used only when you have uploaded a digital photograph of yourself & when the passport application reference number has PEX at the start.

If you have these 2 things then click on the link to be directed to the tracking page of the official department –

Steps to be followed at the track your passport application page

  1. Firstly, individuals will have to click on the Yes tab if their reference number starts with PEX
  2. Then click on continue
  3. You will be directed to another page, here click on start now
  4. Once you have clicked on start now, you will then have to enter the PEX (reference number)
  5. This number is usually forwarded to your e – mail id
  6. After entering the reference number, add the post code in the next box
  7. This should be followed by the date of birth
  8. Finally click on the tab that reads continue
  9. When you click on the continue option, you will get the details about the passport application form or in other words, you will be able to track your UK passport application form in simple steps
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Method 2 to track the UK passport application form

Well, this is not all, as there are some people who might have applied for the passport offline. Hence, if you have filled the paper application for, then follow the steps given below –

When you have applied for a UK passport through either the paper form or at the Post office using the check & send the form, you will have to wait for about 3 weeks from the time you have applied for a UK passport before you begin tracking the passport application

Steps to fill the United Kingdom passport application tracker

  1. Enter details such as title / 1st name / last name / date of birth / post code
  2. However, if you do not have a United Kingdom’s valid post code or an address in the United Kingdom’s address, then enter the address in the fields given below the post code box
  3. Firstly enter the address’s 1st line followed by 2nd address line
  4. Next enter the town or the city which will further be followed by the county
  5. In the following box enter the post code
  6. Enter the application barcode number
  7. Also enter the e – mail address as you will be updated if at all any problems occur with the order
  8. In addition to this, add comments if required
  9. Finally click on submit


Every applicant must make a note of the fact that they are advised to not to book tickets till the time they have the passport with them. Furthermore, applicants have to read the policies laid down in the HM Passport office’s privacy policy page.

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