British Passport Fees, Photos & Required Documents

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Read this article to know more about the British passport fees, documents required & the photos. This would only prepare you when you are applying for a UK passport.

What is the fee for the British passport?

  1. If you are looking for a standard 32 page passport then the fee when applying for a British passport by post or online will be £ 72 .50 whereas when applying through the Passport check & send at the post office, it will be £82 .25
  2. When you are applying online or by the post then for a jumbo 48 page passport, you have to pay £ 85 .50 but when you apply with the passport check & send at a post office, the fee is £ 95 .25

How to pay the British passport fee?

Online British passport fee is to be paid either by using a debit or a credit card. But when applying by post, debit or credit card details have to be mentioned on the payment form (page) or applicants may pay the passport fee by a postal order or a cheque which is payable to “Her Majesty’s Passport Office”.

However, when you use the Passport Check & send option then you can pay the UK passport fee either by postal order or debit or credit card; but remember that you will never be allowed to pay through cheque.

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Photos for a British passport

  1. 2 passport size identical photographs
  2. And someone has to sign or rather countersign on the form as well as on a photo

List of Documents required for a British passport

Only the original documents will be accepted & you must never submit the photocopies of the documents. The documents that will be required for a British passport have been listed below.

  1. Original certificates such as birth certificate / marriage certificate / adoption certificate.
  2. You may also submit the certified copies such as the following but remember that these documents should not have been laminated by you.
  3. The certified copies are photo card driving license / passport / gas or electricity or council tax bills / credit card statements / building society or a bank’s statement / letters from a doctor or a hospital / government department letters.

Other documents required for a UK passport

Applicants either born or adopted in the United Kingdom should submit either the adoption or a birth certificate

However, applicants who are born either on or after the 1st of January, 1983 – have to include the following documents as well when applying for a UK passport –

  1. At least 1 parent’s UK birth certificate
  2. British passport of a parent which had been valid when the applicant was born
  3. Either naturalization or the registration certificate given by the Home Office
  4. Applicant has to submit a parent’s immigration status when the child was born

Applicants who were born outside the United Kingdom

Those applicants who were not born in the UK & wish to apply for a passport have to submit the following documents along with the UK passport application form –

  1. Either registration or the naturalization certificate
  2. Either the passport had to be a current one when the applicant entered the United Kingdom or the applicant’s foreign passport was included on it

How will I get the original documents?

When the applicants have posted the original documents along with the UK passport application form, then you might be worried about the original documents, as in whether you will get them or not. However, you do not have to fret about that as the supporting documents that you have sent will be returned to you by the normal post.

Nevertheless, if you wish to have a secure delivery of the documents then you will have to shell out another £ 3 on the application form itself.

Change Name & Other Details in a UK Passport

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